Popular Methods For Making Concrete More Decorative

When you want to change your flooring inside or outside of your home, there are definitely a wealth of options. One such option is to use decorative concrete nh. These days, concreted floors are desired by many people because of the durability and easy maintenance. A lot of people have strayed from having concreted floors because they previously lacked color and used to be hard to keep clean. Creating decorative concreted floors helps put an end to that issue.

Stamping is one type. Also called imprinting, this process involves using a specially designed stamp to press patterns into the material when it is still wet. It is designed to make the surface look like other more expensive materials including slate, tile, wood, and brick. With this option, you can have the color, texture, and pattern either blend with or provide contrast to the surrounding elements and surfaces.

concrete nh

You can also choose an overlay. This option involves using thin layers over the existing concreted surface. It is a good option when the existing flooring is in good condition and does not need to be completely removed. In overlays, the material is a type of polymer that is mixed with other materials such sand and cement. For most types of overlays, an acrylic polymer is often used to provide durability and extra protection against the sun’s rays.

You can also choose stained surface. Once the surface has been concreted, or if it already exists, one or two options can be used for staining. Stains will be water-based or acid-based. Unlike paints, stains do not completely saturate and cover the surface. Instead, they provide translucence. The color palette of these two types of stains are different. Acid-based stains are typically only available in earthy colors. Water-based stains tend to have a wider, brighter range of colors.

Integral coloring, dyes, and color hardeners are also options for coloring. With integral coloring, the color is in a liquid or powder form and is added during the mixing of the materials. Dyes are applied similar to stains, but they offer an even broader range of colors to choose from. Color hardeners are sprinkled over a concreted surface before it cures and then spread using tools.

Polishing is the final option for concreted surfaces. This option is becoming popular for indoor applications because no waxing is required and the same coloring techniques can be used. It is less costly than marble or granite. You can choose the level of glossiness because the process requires multiple steps. Polished overlays are also available.

Application possibilities are nearly unlimited. You can use any of the methods inside or outside your home. In the floors inside, you can choose to transform your living room, den, kitchen, or dining room. Outside the home, you can create a backyard oasis joining your pool, garden, and patio. You can redo your tired looking driveway and even add walkways that all match.

Who says you have to be stuck with boring concreted slabs? With the variety of decorative options, you can make that boring surface look amazing. Regardless of which method you want to go with, you have a wide variety of options. You can create a new, beautiful surface while also potentially increasing the value of your home.


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