Understanding Regarding The Types Of Decorative Concrete

If you are looking for a way to change the look of your home, inside or outside, decorative concrete is an option that is quickly becoming popular for homeowners. You no longer have to look at plain, boring concreted surfaces. With five different methods, you can achieve the same looks you would get by using other materials.

Stamping is one type. Also called imprinting, this process involves using a specially designed stamp to press patterns into the material when it is still wet. It is designed to make the surface look like other more expensive materials including slate, tile, wood, and brick. With this option, you can have the color, texture, and pattern either blend with or provide contrast to the surrounding elements and surfaces.

You can also choose an overlay. This option involves using thin layers over the existing concreted surface. It is a good option when the existing flooring is in good condition and does not need to be completely removed. In overlays, the material is a type of polymer that is mixed with other materials such sand and cement. For most types of overlays, an acrylic polymer is often used to provide durability and extra protection against the sun’s rays.

Staining is another option. You have two main choices in how a concreted surface is stained. Stains do not cover the surface but instead they penetrate the surface with a translucent color. They will either be acid-based or water-based acrylics. The acid-based stains are used for subtle coloring in earth tones, while the water-based acrylics are recommended for brighter or more vibrant colors.

Coloring, other than staining, is also available. Infused color is the process of adding a tint during mixing and is commonly used with stamping. Color hardener is a powder that is shaken onto the wet concreted area and worked in by hand. Dyes, similar to staining, are applied to the surface but there are more color choices and with many more vibrant colors than stains.

The surface can also be polished to appear more like marble or granite. The flooring does not require special sealing or waxing. In the polishing process, you can choose the level of gloss that you desire. It can also be used with any of the coloring methods. Overlays can also be polished.

There are a wide variety of application properties with each method. Most types can be used as types of flooring or counter tops and either inside or outside. If, however, you want a decorative stamped concrete driveway ma counter top, make sure there is proper support for the cabinets underneath because it will be heavy. Stamping is one type that is not generally recommended for counter tops, and is more commonly used for patios and around pools. You can use nearly any of the methods for driveways, walkways, and patios. Inside the home, they can be used for flooring in any first floor room.

stamped concrete driveway ma

Who says you have to be stuck with boring concreted slabs? With the variety of decorative options, you can make that boring surface look amazing. Regardless of which method you want to go with, you have a wide variety of options. You can create a new, beautiful surface while also potentially increasing the value of your home.


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